Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Amazing Artist Designed Purses and Jewels

I first found some of these beautiful designs at Bored Stop.
These amazing Wristlets and Jewels are created by the Polymer clay Artist Kathleen Dustin. Kathleen is simply amazing. She has been working as artist for 30 years. She works with her intuitive side and lets nature drive her.

She is "often also asked, "Why purses? Why don´t you make figurines or sculptures?" The reason is because a figurine or sculpture just sits there collecting dust. You aren't supposed to touch it. But because these purses are functional, you are supposed to touch them, caress them and examine them. Your life is enhanced because it´s wonderful to carry beautiful things around with you and use them. And that is what I want my creations to do."
Check out her Website where her incredible creations are available to purchase.

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